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The RGS mini is great in homes, offices, schools, gyms, retirement facilities, daycares, etc. The RGS mini can be very beneficial for older and younger persons who are at a higher risk of airborne viruses. 


This build is our recommended (more builds coming soon) build using (1) 12" x 12" x 2" MERV13 filter and (1) 1212 Populated Catalyst Panel (PCP). This version of the RGS mini can be used for air purification with various biological and non-biological contaminants (SARS-CoV-2, mold, bacteria).


Wheel option available. Wheels can replace standard legs that come with unit. Wheel installment is very simple and requires no tools to complete.


The 4S Centerpoint Technology RGS mini is a stand-alone unit used to reduce the levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and viable airborne biological contaminants. The unit may be utilized as a portable “point-of-use” air purifier or may be permanently placed in a room. The 4S Centerpoint Technology RGS mini is suitable for spaces ranging from 700 to 1,400 cubic feet. For recommend configurations, consult engineering at 4S Centerpoint Technology.

RGS mini

  • U.S. Patent Number: 10946116

    Model Number: RGS mini

    Volumetric Flow Rate (CFM): 200 – 500

    Power Requirements: 120 Volts, 60 Hertz

    Current (amps): 3.02

    Number of Lamps: 2

    UVGI Life Cycle: 12,000 operational hours

    PCP Compound Panel Life Cycle: 15 years*

    Particle Filter: MERV 13 up to HEPA

    Installation Type: Portable

    Temperature Rating: -20°F to 122°F

    Noise (dB): 50-55

    Weight: 40 lbs.